Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Life Energy Consumption

With this site you are able to look at the amount of energy that you consume in watts throughout the year. I am not into the Al Gore carbon footprint idea and how the whole world is going to over heat unless we drive priuses, but there is still something to be gained from looking at how we use energy in all aspects of our lives. At 2014 Watts i am around the global average but there are so many things that this doesn't include because i didn't spend the time to input everything i own or use.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Hope to Achieve

THis is a chance for me to keep the small world that i am involved with up to date with all of the different aspects of my life that i am trying to run right now. I am a newly wed that is entering the 4th and final year of my Undergraduate degree in Landscape architecture from Cal Poly Pomona University. I have a few hobbies and passions that i will be sharing with you as i pursue them. I love my camera and capture moments of my life and the people around me. I love my Bike and being outside and riding anywhere that i can. as i am now back in school i hope to start this blog out with lots of pictures and information on the past summer and all of the exciting events that took place. more to come soon.